5 Tools to create a big team online with network marketing


You love network marketing but you have difficult to reach new affiliates?! Ok we suggest you some easy tips and tools to get more referrals for your business online! Hope this post can help you to grow your team. We give you 5 steps to follow, that sure will help you to grow your business!

1. Facebook Groups

Facebook is sure one of the great opportunity to find new referrals. On facebook there are many groups where you can subscribe, for example search for “earn money” and you see many many groups, so register on them and start publish for free your post with you referral link! You can also search groups on different languages, for example for german groups you search ” geld verdienen” and so on for other language.

You can also use a software to publish in automatic on facebook groups, so this will save you time, just organize your post, and the software will publish in automatic!

You can find a guide and SIGN UP to this software >>> CLICK HERE 

2. Youtube videos tutorial

Everyone can open a youtube account and upload your video tutorial. Video tutorial can help your affiliates or new referrals to learn how to start your business. To create you video tutorial is very easy, you can use Screencastomatic to record your screen >>> CLICK HERE 

After you recorded your video tutorial, upload it on youtube

3. Email list

Email list also called email marketing, we added at 3 point, but we think is one of the best tool to create good team! There are 3 important steps.

You can manage you email list and create landing pages with Getresponse >>> CLICK HERE 

1 Obtain new emails using a landing page and share your landing page on facebook groups, in these way you will obtain an email list

2 After you have email list, send email to your contacts, keep they updated, at least one email per week. Push them to learn better how your business works, proofs of payments and so on.

3 When affiliates registered on your business, may business allow to get access to email contact, every day save them email!!

4. Blog

Today is very easy for everyone to have a free blog! There are some free platform to create them as Blogger , WordPress, Altervista ecc

Start your blog today, and also share your articles on facebook groups!

More tools you have, people will trust you more and they can learn more from your articles, and video tutorial!

5. Keep in touch with your referrals

Is very important when you work online, to keep in touch with your affiliates, because they not know you, so kkep in touch with email, give your phone or whatsapp, in this way they can trust you more and have direct contact to explain better your business!

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