A Bitcoin for $ 500,000: the prediction of the first investor to Snapchat

The price of Bitcoin will rise to $ 500,000 by 2030 due to its peculiarities: the prediction of the first investor in Snapchat, Jeremy Liew.


A bitcoin will be worth $ 500,000 by 2030.
Jeremy Liew, the first investor in Snap – now worth $ 24.5 billion that runs the wildly popular social networks Snapchat – revealed in a recent interview with Business Insider to believe that the price of Bitcoin can, realistically, achieve 500,000 share (each, of course) by 2030.

Since it entered the market in 2009, with the exception of one year, Bitcoin has been consistently the best performing currency in the world.
Contrary to the perception of many, the volatility rate of Bitcoin has significantly decreased, and in recent years the cryptocurrency has become an asset that generates value.

Bitcoin: the strengths stimulate the rise
According to Liew and CEO Blockchain Peter Smith, portability and high liquidity of Bitcoin digital currency to allow it to function as a practical investment for consumers in general. In this regard, Liew points out that at the time the Bitcoin is an attractive asset for traditional investors and consumers themselves, a strong investment and a reliable digital currency.

Liew and Smith said:

“Expatriates who send money home found in Bitcoin an economical alternative, and suppose that the percentage of transfers based on Bitcoin will increase dramatically with a greater awareness of Bitcoin.

We believe that awareness, high liquidity, ease of movement and the continued outperformance of the market, thanks to increased geopolitical risks, are all factors that will help to push the Bitcoin to become a strong competitor in the field of investments at the level consumers and investors. ”
The distinctive features of Bitcoin allow the coin to grow at an explosive rate. Some are using Bitcoin as a wealth management tool, while others rely on Bitcoin to send and receive payments, to profit in the long run and perform transactions with low fees and in shorter periods of time, against the timing, for example, bank transfer.

Bitcoin for $ 500,000 in 2030: the reasons for the prediction
Considering the exponential growth of Bitcoin, the limited supply, scarcity and rarity, Liew explains that it is highly likely for the price of Bitcoin increase to nearly $ 500,000, as the customer base will approach 400 million.

Currently, there are about 20 million Bitcoin wallets. Liew expects the user base of Bitcoin will grow 20-fold over the next 13 years.

“The price of Bitcoin in 2030 and the number of users will be respectively $ 500,000 and 400 million. The price was spotted taking a $ 10 Katherine market capitalization and dividing it by the fixed base of 20 million bitcoins ”
It reads in a section of the presentation of Liew and Smith.

For Liew and Smith, the rejection of the creation of an ETF on Bitcoin proposed by the Winklevoss twins was somewhat expected, mainly due to the inefficiency of the SEC when it comes to approval of new markets and assets. However, Liew Bitcoin does not need a channel strictly regulated in order to attract a large group of investors.

The exchange of Bitcoin market already provides a high level of liquidity to traders. Therefore, it is relatively easy for an average trader to buy and sell Bitcoin on regulated platforms.


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