AdzBay – How it Works, English Guide Review


Adzbay is a highly available global web traffic advertising network specifically for the advertising target

  • Internet Marketing

  • Network Marketing and Auxiliary Income

  • The members of our partner network rent and rent out advertising webspace.

  • Participate can only business owners and entrepreneurs.

The strength of AdzBay is a global network of tens of thousands of partners websites also Google Ads Bing Ads Social Ads and many more. The partners, which rent advertising space receive a lucrative compensation. Absolutely unique: all network partners that buy advertising services received according to their purchase volume rebates/refunds from the future advertising revenues of the company.

Some numbers:

  • More than 25750* satisfied customers

  • More than 8098* successful campaigns

  • $ 560 300* of commissions paid out

*Data on 15th December 2016

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What you get by using the AdzBay company’s help?

  • PAYBACK program (Bonus) after the activation of the Clickpacks

  • Duration of Clickpacks: 600 days after actiovation

  • Affiliates program with 4 livels

  • By purchasing the Clickpacks you will have:

    • Links Ads (deliver HQ Links Ads)

    • Banner Ads (deliver HQ Banner Advertising)

    • Facebook (deliver HQ Facebook Likes for your pages)

    • Twitter (deliver HQ Twitter Follower for your account)

    • Leads (deliver Leads with no sponsor for your downline)

    • Newsletter Banner (deliver also Banner in AdzBay Newsletters)


Commission Plan For Our Affiliate Partners.

Customers take part in our PayBack Pool automatically. If you recommend more customers to us, we pay the following commissions in our Affiliate Program up to 4 Levels with a lucrative Mentor bonus.

The Affiliate Levels are:
Level1:     10% of the sold Clickpack
Level2:       5% of the sold Clickpack
Level3:       1% of the sold Clickpack*
Level4:       3% of the sold Clickpack**
Orga-Bonus:     1% of the sold Volume of the own Organisation***

* Starting at qualified Position: Success Builder
** Starting at qualified Position: 1K Diamond Team
*** Starting at qualified Position: President 1 Star

Customers are buying Clickpacks to advertise. Clickpacks are an internal Unit to buy Traffic for a Website or another campaign which is available on our Site. A Clickpack cost $30 US Dollars. With a Clickpack you can pay any product, service and offer in AdzBay (see the previous section “The Services”).

40% of the value of a Clickpack goes into our PayBack pool where every customer will benefit from. This way every customer takes part in our success story. The PayBack Pool is dynamic but since they have founded AdzBay it has paid out every single day for every active Clickpacks.

The size of the Pool depends on the amount of Clickpacks we’ve sold recently. In addition there are more streams of revenue fill up this Pool.


Clickpacks are advertising packages and you can buy them for $ 30 (US dollar) each one and you can choose if you want to buy 1, 5, 10, 100 etc.

The Clickpacks give you the possibility to have different services as discussed before (Links, banners, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, etc.) and of course the access to the PayBack program.


Each pack ($ 30) that you have purchased, it will generates from 1% of the value ($ 0.30) every day for 600 days. Half of the earnings of your Clickpaks (called Rebuy balance) have to be used for purchasing other Clickpacks (this is for the sustainability of the business), instead the other half you can withdraw and transfer on your bank account (called Total available balance)… or you can use it to buy other packs for increasing your daily earnings… but this is your choice!


A very nice features of the AdzBay Dashboard is the possibility to change the language. You have a lot of languages options even if the translation is not perfect because is performed with Google Translate. But anyway can make it easier!
To do that just scroll completely down the Dashboard page and you will find on the left menu of languages (as in the screenshot here).


Here you can see all the steps to purchase the traffic packs:

1. Click on Buy ClickPacks, select the number of Clickpacks and click Buy

2. Select your payment method between Sofort Überweisung, Payeer, Credit Card (Visa andMastercard), or Credits (if you have obtained enough credits from PAYBACK programm) and click Pay:

Note: All the payment methods (except method with Credits) have an additional fee of 2%.


For the moment you can withdraw you earnings via Payeer or Bank Wire.  First you have to click on Cashier. Then, you have to click Edit your data to insert your account Payeer data or Bank Wire, where do you want to receive your payments

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