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Adz-Bay is the most profitable and secure network today, new, agile and growing

As well as very helpful with the Global Web Traffic Adz-Bay, is specific element in the marketing of online advertising and to direct it in the best way.

novelty join us right away among the first to learn about this amazing system! Click the link, select the bottom language (put Italian), click “CREATE ACCOUNT” below and sign up is free:

-free subscription
– Plan Committee participants to customers PayBack automatically.

– The commissions are paid to the affiliate program up to 4 levels with lucrative bonuses Mentor

Precisely the levels are:

1) 10% sold Clickpack
2) 5% “”
3) 3% “”
4) 1% “”
Also you have a bonus:
1% of the volume sold in your organization from a qualified position, called Success Builder.

Customers who buy advertising Clickpacks become and qualify as an internal unit to buy traffic for a website in any country or continent of the World.

Everything is always available on the site very clearly.

A Clickpack $ 30 US dollars.
Like almost all the competitors that sell advertising, the cash back is distributed to the members, whenever and however it is on average equal to 1% per day, half of which ends up in a deposit of repurchase (for the sustainability of the system) and the other half in cash balance that you can withdraw or use to buy more chips to $ 30.
In total at the end of 600 days (the duration of the token / life $ 30) will provide a $ 180 gain. To this should be taken off the initial cost to buy it and used for advertising that may be of your liking to the site or the links with your ref code AdzBay provides.
There is a breakthrough in the industry, it is the recovery program made by Adz Bay that allows each customer to participate in the success of the same company.
Any tokens Payback purchased Joins the period of 900 days program.

With each token that is purchased, 40% of the cost of $ 30, – which is $ 12 is in Payback Pool.
Let’s an example: if you buy 10 coins total value of $ 300 and a refund for the current week is 1% per day, you will receive $ 3 per day per 24 hours and 50% of the payment will be added to the bill and the Commission ‘another 50% will be added to your account re-buy, which you can buy new chips (advertising packages).
Obviously the commission credit account can also be used to buy new chips, but this is a decision of the account holder.

When they enter and are part of the new customers AdzBay team recognizes the 10%, which is $ 3 for each ClickPack who buy direct customers as long as it remains active.

If the customer does put several clients he will receive 10% of that it is $ 3 and you the 5% that is $ 1.5 for each ClickPak indirect.

There is also a Mentor bonus, which is paid to all members, who actively support their team. The bonus mentor increases with activities such as a company controlled and in time. It is a flexible bonus, which is funded through a fund and distributions are paid based on the calculation.

Also here’s another example: When you recruit 10 customers, who buy 10 ClickPacks each, you will immediately receive a commission of $ 300 and you can use this commission to buy more tokens or collect them from the bank account.

When your 10 customers would do the same, which means that they also found 10 customers each, who then buy ClickPacks 10 each receive $ 3,000 and soon will enter the Bonus substantial Mentor which can also be paid directly to the bank account.


Withdrawal Request Payeer with minimum $ 20


Adz Bay is a site / company again, born with the system resembles in almost all its parts to GetMyAds- modifying and improving some things.

Currently the Austrian Society is very promising indeed, the “back office” is copy GetMyAds But we are left with many innovations and personally I think even more profitable because the packs are cheaper and then affiliates will regain most other velocemente..speriamo going on for at least 10 years. We lower the price of $ 30 chips and not $ 50.

It also has the ability to advertise through Facebook and YouTube in addition to also 1 very promising future.

Subscribers are increasing dramatically and are now just over 2,000
TIP: Remember that the first members always have an advantage over those who do it later.

So either purchase or make network or both up to you but we enjoy the first few even know him!
Click the link below and then “create account” and you’re active now costs nothing:
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