Best Methods For Making Money On The Internet

Currently, the internet has more than 3.5 billion users. In order to understand how fast it is growing, just one year ago, it has 2.2 billion. This means that the internet is the biggest and therefore the best place to make a profit. All you need to know are some of the most profitable methods.

Simplicity of making money on the internet

As we said, using the World Wide Web for making a profit is easy. You don’t need special experience, nor any special skills. In a matter of fact, all you need is the computer and the internet access. When it comes to the profit, how much you can earn depends on you. In some cases, even millions are possible!

A sad fact is that there are a lot of scams on the internet. Here, we will be talking about the best, tested methods for earning money. All of them are easy to use as well, so you don’t need to learn programming language nor you need some higher education. On the contrary, English language is mandatory.

There are some amazing advantages this profession has to offer. You will be working from your home, so won’t have a boss, you can choose working hours and you can take a break anytime you want. A fun fact is that more than 20% of people who work on the internet work naked.

Because you will be working from home, you don’t have to travel to work, which reduces the monthly expenses. If we know that traveling to work and similar expenses can reduce your monthly salary up to 10%, probably more, working on the internet is even better.

Obviously, you need the internet connection, but it is also important to have a stable and fast internet provider. Reconnecting and experiencing different issues with the internet is simply annoying.

Ways to make money online

We divided these methods into different categories. For each one, you will be able to see the best option. The best stand for the most profitable one.


There are many online methods to make easy money and advertisement is one of them. Here is one of the trending methods to make money through advertisement.

Traffic Network Ads


You can Traffic Network Ads is the most profitable alternative to earn money on the internet. It is easy to use, it is safe and it leaves you a lot of space for progress. You will be able to advance as long as you use this method. A great addition is the fact that the more you spend time, the more money you will make. After some time frame, the entire process will work by itself.

The first part is to register. Don’t think that you will have to pay some money the first time you register. In a matter of fact, registration is free. It takes just a few moments in order to complete the process. The general idea is to have a website or a blog, where Traffic Network Ads will send traffic. However, they even say that it isn’t mandatory you have a website and they can help you even in this case, which is a great type of help.

Beside free registration, you will see that there are no:

  • Hidden fees.

  • Hidden costs.

  • Sponsoring.

  • Calling.

  • Annoying marketing.

Now you can understand why this platform is one of the most successful ones. After all, it is safe and it does all they say, which helps new clients come and register. Another fact we must mention is that you don’t need an experience. Even an average internet user can use this platform and start making money on the first day. Interesting: A huge amount of newbies have tried and used this platform and they are more than just satisfied.

There are 5 main ways this platform helps you make money. The best thing is that you can use all of them at the same time, so you make far more income than usual platforms. In addition, all are linked, so just one improvement will be related to other 4 programs.

Sending traffic to your website

The first and the most important program is the traffic sending service. Your website will get organic and high-quality traffic, from all countries on the planet. If you are an absolute beginner, you should now that high-quality traffic is important. For example, they are more likely to become buyers to your e-commerce website, which is directly related to a higher website income.

More traffic will help your website be more frequently displayed by Google, so it will simply become better-known and more popular. Without traffic, your website doesn’t have a chance on the internet.

PayBack Program

This is the second option you will have and one of the first you will use. It is impressive how simple it is, and how much success you can get with it, doing almost nothing. Your only task will be to purchase a 1 token at least (it is worth $50). You can use it for different features on the website, but it will be divided 40% in Pay Pool, 40% for the affiliate program and 20% for company growth. You get 1% of your token per day. Which means that you get $0.50 daily, not doing anything. This will continue to happen during the next 600 days. In just one year, you will accumulate $182.50. In 600 days, the same token will have $300 value. You can use it to buy more tokens.

One of wise investment is to buy a new token each time you earn $50. By doing this, you will make more money in a shorter period of time. Even better, when you reach 500 or 750 and 1.000 tokens, your rank will be increased, so you will get a bonus.

The aforementioned amount of money will be yours, just if you buy a token and leave the website. After one year, you can withdraw the mentioned amount. However, most people will want more and they will continue to work with this platform. The main thing to remember is that you can buy up to 1.000 tokens, and you get 1% of their total cost. For example, a $1.000 token will bring you $20 per day!

Affiliate Program

Why not share the experience and the success with your friends, followers and with others on the internet. This may be beneficial for them, but it is beneficial for you as well. When a new affiliate joins the program and buys the first token, you earn $6. It is a commission, and more affiliates you have, the more commissions you will get.

Sub-affiliate program

Most other platforms and affiliate-related companies will pay commission only for the main affiliate. In this case, you get $6 for every single sub-affiliate. It is possible to create your own, private network and to start earning money through them. Thanks to them, you can actually make $6.000 per month, just with their help.

Mentor Bonus

When you accumulate a high number of affiliates and sub-affiliates, the things will become more interesting. In essence, you will have your own network of people, working for you, via the Traffic Network Ads. Because you will get a part of each token they purchase, your profit margins are going to be increased, significantly.

Mentor bonus is another type of income you get. If you are successful in leading your affiliate network, the platform will award you with different bonuses.


Social Media Marketing

If you have a business or a blog, you are going to need traffic. In order to make your website work, you must get as much visitors as possible.

Traffic Token


Traffic Token is a company that specializes in sending traffic to a variety of websites, across the globe. Using this method to make money is simpler than you may believe.

The first thing you will have to do is to buy a token. One token has a value of 1 URL. Then, the URL is served to high-quality visitors and they are sent to your website or a blog. A great thing is that you can get as much traffic as you want and you can measure the statistic on the Traffic Token website.

Even in the early stage, you can earn up to 80% of your household income. In higher tiers (in higher levels), you will be able to earn even more. If we add the fact that this statistic data is calculated for the United States, because the company is located in Las Vegas, we should even higher recommend this alternative.

Some of the interesting additions may be the number of clicks per month. Traffic Token generates up to 200.000 clicks per month. Despite they are a relatively new company, they have paid up to $22.000. Now, you should know that this data is going to be increased in the near future. The number of active users is increasing as we speak and it will be significantly increased in just one month.

Beside the traffic that will come to your website, you will also gather a list of email addresses. This is done via autopilot, so you don’t have to invest time. In addition, the entire service is completely automated, so as a user, you don’t have the need to invest the time.

We said that this is social media marketing. It is called like this, simply because it involves the social media and obtains traffic from them. Why this is important? Just for an example, if you have 400 followers on Twitter, your post will be seen 800.000 times per day. Now, imagine the figures in a situation you serve an advertisement in front of a million people.

The situation is even better if we add the fact that Twitter is just one of many social media. Facebook, Instagram and many other services are used by the Traffic Token, which simply magnifies their success.

The bottom line, at least when it comes to the Traffic Token is that this method is more than just recommended. You will have to invest a small amount of money, but you will make a significant profit. Even more important, once you start making profit, it will never end! When ready, you can increase the investment and get more traffic, which is directly related to higher profit.

Mass planner

Using social media to boost your profit actually works on a very simple principle. All you need are a lot of followers, friends and a lot of groups. Obviously, the more services you use, more successful you will be. Of course, making a list of 1.000 friends and even more followers isn’t an easy task. That’s why you should use Mass Planner.

The software in question has been developed as the best option for gaining the followers, friends and promoting your business. It is completely atomized software that will publish specific posts as specified, join in specific groups and even add followers. The best part is a variety of services it supports. Just some of them are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ and etc. With Mass Planner, you can achieve some goal in less than 24 hours, while without it, you will need 7 days in order to reach the same goal.

All of this, what we have just mentioned applies to all social media, so you will be more active than you may imagine. An interesting feature is a customer support. They are available all the time, and you can get help regarding to almost anything, related to Mass Planner.

An additional power of the software is available as add-ons. These are simple additional features you may want. First of all, you can get the possibility to add multiple accounts. In a matter of fact, you can get up to 15 different accounts. They will be related and they will have the same goal, but all your online friends and followers won’t be able to notice the relationship. In addition, you can also get a mod with 8 profiles.

Uploading images to social media is more complicated than you may believe. For example, if you download an image from Google that is copyright protected, you won’t be able to post it! That’s why Mass Planner has the capability to change an image and make it original. This is also a safe way to promote your business or your service.

Friend’s backup is the recent addition. If Facebook asks you to recognize one of your friends, you will have a complete list with their photos and names. Thanks to it, you won’t be able to lose your account. It is definitely the most important feature you can get.

It is impeccable that this software is the ultimate way to boost your popularity and your presence on the internet. Just for instance, you will have to invest 5 hours per day just to maintain a few profiles on social media. If you have more than just a few profiles on Facebook, you will need up to 7 hours! Mass Planner will complete the same amount of job in 1 hour. We actually liked this capability, simply because you get additional time to invest in other methods to make money on the internet.


Affiliate marketing

This method for making money on the internet may be one of the most popular ones. However, it is commonly used as addition for increasing the amount of money you make. In essence, affiliate marketing stands for sending traffic to a client. For example, you can apply for countless programs that will pay you for each visitor that has been sent by you. And yes, they use specialized software so the number of visitors sent is accurate.

Here, we will also explain how this work. Although, there are a lot of ways, the most common one is to place an ad on your website, or a link that will take each visitor to the destination page. Usually, you will get an URL or a code from the provider and you will have to paste it on a website. The first time you do this, it may be complicated, but once you figure it out, this is actually a very simple process.

We will also add the fact that there are some facts you should know. When applying as affiliate, you should check the details about the contract. Some partners won’t pay you for visitors from specific countries. Others will pay you less and just a few partners will treat all visitors you have sent equally. An unwritten rule is that visitors from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and some parts of the Europe will bring you the highest profit. You should be more focused on them.

As an addition to the previous paragraph, we will advise you not to use this method if you are related to just one country! It simply isn’t successful and the amount of money you can earn is much lower. As you may know, using the .com extensions is mandatory.

Buy-sell or offer your services

This method can be divided into two, sub-categories. The first one is when you buy and sell products on the internet. As we mentioned, the internet is the biggest market on the planet, so selling here is far more lucrative. Obviously, you can sell almost anything, but technology-related items are more popular and therefore can bring you a higher profit. Also popular way is to sell e-books. You can sell them almost anywhere you want (there are a lot of specialized websites) and you can write them by yourself. Keep in mind that you will have to hire an editor!

Another alternative that has been more than just successful is the fact when you buy and sell products from the internet. Here, there are no rules and you can buy and sell everything from a needle to an airplane.

A second sub-category is related to freelancing. In general, it stands for offering your services over the internet. Don’t think that this is reserved just for well-experienced web-designers. On the contrary, you have the ability to apply for almost any type of job you have in mind. Just some, popular areas are writing, marketing, testing, researching, data entry and etc.

When you become a freelancer, working hours, payment and job specifics will depend on your clients. Some of them may ask you to work at night, due to different time zones and some pay have specific working hours. The bottom line here is that each job is specific and it cannot be generalized.

We said that you can work almost anything you prefer, but if you want to really maximize the profit, you should be focused on web development, specifically on Word Press. More than 25% of websites on the internet are made with Word Press, so it is more than just popular. Far more important is the fact learning how to use it will require just a few days. Do a few tests and watch a few tutorials and you will become a web designer.


We have offered you the best and the most profitable methods for earning money on the internet. Try to remember that if you work hard and you invest time in any of these methods, you will earn more than an average salary, no matter where you live. If we add the benefits such as no stress, you can work anytime you want and people who work on the internet are more pleasant, we may have the job of the future.

Mistakes will happen, especially when you are just a beginner, but because they will affect only you, they are less terrified. Working for a few months will make an expert from you. After that, you can help others make more money and use them to increase your earnings. Simply said, they will be your affiliates. Now you have all the knowledge you are going to need, so you have all of the reasons we mentioned here to try some of these methods, but not a single one not to use them. After all, the internet is all about profit.

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