Bitcoin is crossing the highest value in the History of Bitcoin, today 4 January 2017

Well, today is important day for the history of Bitcoin, this is a really cool news about Bitcoin fans!!!

Highest value has been on 30 November 2013, when Bitcoin reached 1149.36 usd


After about 4 years, Bitcoin is crossing the highest price of Bitcoin, now that we are writing this article, Bitcoin is at 1147.33 usd on 4 January 2017 so we think that today or next days we can write the history  of Bitcoin that will cross the highest price of 30 November 2013


So we can say that today Bitcoin touched the highest value on the history of Bitcoin, the first time after the 2013 and we will glad to post here on our blog the day when Bitcoin will really cross the price of 2013 and will be the highest value on the history of Bitcoin.

Today was only about 2 usd to touch the same price of 2013!!! That’s cool.

In January 2016 Bitcoin value was just about 430 usd, and experts said that in January 2017, Bitcoin will reach price of 2000 usd…it realy can be possible if you see the last increase of Bitcoin on past days.


So stay tuned as tonight or tomorrow the Bitcoin could cross the highest value in history of Bitcoin!

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