Bitcoin surpasses oscillation and hits new record


Bitcoin’s success can be compared, in sporting terms, with the performance of Jamaican Usain Bolt. With each competition, a record is – or rather, it was, since he retired – beaten by the athlete. With the world’s most famous cryptomeo, this story is no different.

A few days ago, we had already posted on our Blog about the valuation Bitcoin had reached, reaching the level of R $ 16 thousand. After an oscillation during the week, some expected the virtual currency to have a fall, but no. It rose again and reached the mark of R $ 17 thousand.

Taking only the month of August as a base, Bitcoin appreciated almost 60%. To get an idea, a person who invested R $ 20 thousand earned R $ 12 thousand in a single month.

In the accumulated of the year, the increase of the criptomoeda was of 350%. Following the same line of reasoning, if an investor bought R $ 20 thousand in Bitcoins at the beginning of the year, today it has R $ 90 thousand.

And that number tends to grow. According to some experts, as already mentioned in our Blog, they project a value of up to R $ 25 thousand for the currency.

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