Bitcoin Trend Forecast for 2017 – Uphill value , thanks to Trump up to $ 2000!!!


The Bitcoin trend for 2017 is optimistic, the price of Bitcoin in these days is always growing, and the prospective by Saxo Bank is that Bitcoin can raise to $ 2000 for the 2017 that means + 160 %, while other experts say can reach $ 3000 – 4000…anyway will be a really great increase.

Today December 23, 2016 the Bitcoin value is about $ 915 !!!

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As Saxo Bank said, on January 2017, bitcoin can reach $ 2000 that means + 160 % from today more less. This climb can be possible also with the new USA President, Donald Trump.

This approach will bring an increase of the USA national debit and also an increase of the USA deficit. The consequence would be the growth of the economy and prices will increase.

This would lead to a domino effect in emerging markets who seek alternative forms of payment and investment to exit the vortex determined by the Fed-Trump pair.

Time high of bitcoin has been $ 1160 so, the value $ 2000 will be a new record and that we expect for coming year 2017 .

Saxo Bank say that this high increase is due to the new President Trump with him administration, as Donald Trump said he would introduce new economic stimulus.

Being Bitcoin indipendent from banks and government, China and Russia will consider Bitcoin as alternative and more credible than dollar usd. This means that the cryptovalue could double or triple !

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