Bitcoin up by more than 40% in four days

Bitcoin showed its strength again on Thursday morning (20), and again exceeded the mark of US $ 2,000 per unit. The high happens after a currency swing.
In the morning today, it was possible to find the cryptomeo being sold at $ 2,576, something close to R $ 8.1 thousand. That’s a 40% increase in four days, as on Monday (17), Bitcoin’s value hit $ 1,852.
According to Goldman Sachs Bank executives, the trend is that the cryptomoeda will continue to grow in the coming days. We remember that, in mid-June, the unit reached its highest value to date, above US $ 3 thousand.
Until the closing of this publication, websites specialized in the purchase and sale of Bitcoins, registered a value of R $ 8.4 thousand per unit.

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