Buy and Sell in Bitcoin at BitPremier with Bitcoin Escrow Service – Review

We want release a review about Bitpremier.  Bitpremier is a website where you can buy and sell cars, houses, islands, domains, watches, jewelry, art and many other products only in Bitcoin.

How you see from picture above, on Bitpremier you can find cars, villas and many more. Bitpremier is also called “The Bitcoin Luxury Marketplace

Is Bitpremier Safe to Buy and Sell?

Yes, Bitpremier is safe because they offer a Bitcoin Escrow Service. What means bitcoin escrow service?

The escrow service means that when you are buying an item into Bitpremier, you will transfer your Bitcoin to a Bitpremier Cold Storage wallet; after you received the item, Bitpremier will transfer Bitcoins to the seller

So with escrow service, Bitpremier ensure safe transfers on both side, buyer and seller!

So Bitpremier become your intermediary on transactions. Is very important the escrow service because you know that if you transfer bitcoin to an other person without an escrow service, you can have risks that the selelr go away with your bitcoin without shipping your item that you bought! And you know Bitcoin are anonymous and not traceable.

This is why we can say that Bitpremier with their escrow service is a safe way to sell and buy in bitcoin.

About Bitpremier

Alan Silbert is the Founder and CEO of Bitpremier and Bitpremier is backed by NYC-based digital currency group



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