Getmyads: Payments Proof with new e-wallet My Mercury Card

Hello guys, we collected some payments proof about Getmyads, received with new e-wallet My Mercury Card. We collected these proofs on some Facebook Groups. We also see that also some of old payments has been paid.         Related posts:D9 CLUBE – PRESENTATION – COMPENSATION PLANGet More Social Views (youtube, facebook, twitter, websites) with AdzBayAll Getmyads payments are now

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D9 CLUB SPORTS TRADING – ENGLISH GUIDE If you want to do business online with a certain degree of seriousness, D9 Club is certainly to be taken into consideration.  We are presenting this guide in English for you to understand how it works D9 Club that will be a business easy for everyone and very interesting and important thing is

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IMPORTANT: All tokens must activate them by going to My Tokens and Activate Traffic, unless you have a website enter your ref to Getmyads link. Once you click on activate traffic choose for example, 200 clicks, enter your link, select the category, language, and then green button Validate. Who not do this tokens will be disabled. The Internet is most definitely one

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