Who knows how many times you have wondered, “But there is no way to publish my posts on facebook groups automatically ?!” SI exists, and that’s why today I present you this software (program) that has really incredible!

Well yes this is a crazy way to automatically publish your post, so in this case for example to promote your link to your network or whatever you want to promote, the groups facebook !!! And ‘software that precisely once you set the post or more public post you automatically every day at what time you want to, of all the groups facebook to which you subscribe and you choose! This allows you to publish every day hundreds of groups without wasting time.

I have been talking about whether to publish posts automatically on facebook, but also applies to twitter, google +, pinterest, instagram, linkedin and tumblr !!! Obviously if you are not yet registered on facebook groups subscribe to the various groups for example by searching for “earn money online” “work from home” “work from home”, “make money” “mlm Italy” etc … but also foreign groups, so you can try on how to “earn moeny” facebook groups (these are examples if you promote business for guadagnaree online)

This software is really amazing is not free but for what takes place only costs $ 9.95 per month or $ 44.95 for six months. You can also use 2 facebook account! Or 4 by adding $ 5! You understand well that publish hundreds of posts a day dramatically increase the number of subscribers to your online business and will bring you more customers to your business.


For those interested can sign up and try this fantastic software >>> CLICK HERE

We now see a step by step guide to installing and using MASS PLANNER

First, after you have registered, your account will have to go to download the Mass Planner software.

Then when you open the software you’ll need to set your account for the various social, now we see for example with facebook, but then it will be the same for others.

Go to >>> >>> SOCIAL PROFILES and click ADD PROFILE then add your Facebook profile, and you have to enter your username and password to facebook and then Mass Planner password. Then below click on VERIFY ACCOUNT to check your account.

Let us choose a list of Facebook groups where you want to publish. I remind you that you can create multiple lists and multiple campaigns and you have to be already signed in to Facebook groups to select them and put them on this list. Click >>> DESTINATION LISTS and then >>> ADD DESTINATION LIST. You can give a name to this list, then you see in the table, in correspondence GROUPS Click Selected (you will also see the number of groups to which you are subscribed). Now it opens a new window, simply select the groups you need, and then close the window, so the selected groups will be added to your list.

Now finally we create our post that we want to publish on the newly selected groups. Click >>> CAMPAIGNS and then >>> ADD CAMPAIGN and choose ADD VOLUME CAMPAIGN. Now you can name your campaign and then head up on What To Publish and enter your post and click below on >>> POST ADD TO LIST. Now more top Click >>> Where To Publish and select the list of groups where to publish the post. Always On Top Click >>> When To Publish and selected under the range of times (stay wide range of time as Mass Planner public does not burst but from time to time).

Click above on >>> Overview and then click on START PUBLISHING and that’s it !!!


1 Because the software can post you will have to keep the software open, so do not close it!

2 The next day, and then after he has finished publishing on all groups, all your campaigns are set to STOPPED, so you’ll have to recreate your campaign every day, to speed the thing next to the campaign you can click CLONE but remember reinserting your post to be published!