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Thank you for all your work and efforts you put into GetMyAds during the year. We really appreciate your great work! Everybody inside the GetMyAds community is working really hard and conducing his own part to the growth of the network.

We like to update you on some important facts and numbers in GetMyAds before we talk about the solutions we are working on for the small challenges such an amazing growth you created comes with.

GetMyAds paid out more than 38 Million Dollars to Affiliates in 119 countries all over the world. More than 250.000 Affiliates and customers signed up in GetMyAds in 2016 and we delivered more than 650.000.000 clicks during this time.

Enclosed you will find a list of the top 10 countries and the commissions we payed out:

Germany 12.142.111,- USD
Turkey 8.410.532,- USD
Austria 5.312.922,- USD
Switzerland 4.045.636,- USD
England 1.221.890,- USD
Italy 1.100.830,- USD
Spain 488.100,- USD
Netherlands 288.445,- USD
France 211.321,- USD
Australia 188.258,- USD

Fast growing markets are South America and Asia. We are also excited about the continuous growth of many countries in Africa and we are looking forward to a successful business year 2017.
Traffic and new sources

Because of the fast growth of GetMyAds during the last months and years it was a really great challenge for us to get all the ordered traffic for our customers.
We had to deliver more than 500 million clicks to our customers projects and so there unfortunately were some issues as a result too.

We were able to fix these issues just because of your great work and the help of our members all around the world. So we finally could open new sources of traffic during November and also increase the quality of the traffic a lot.
Affiliate Commissions and PayBack Programm

As you know, we never carry challenges and issues to the public. It´s very complex sometimes and would just confuse our teams. We just can say that the last few months were really tough and it was very hard to hire the right experts to solve all that issues. We had a lot of pressure and had to deal with Banks, Governments and other institutions.

The result was a big mess with the payouts and some of you still are affected by this mess. We do our best to fix everything even over the holidays. None of our staff has a single day off during the christmas time – we work nonstop for you!

But we also know that no matter how hard we work – it´s not the solution and so we hired a team of experts from the banking business with combined more than 77 years of experience with banking and financing. They brought completely new solutions on board to manage the huge amounts of money we have to deal with in GMA every day.

We are also working on a deal with one of the biggest companies to get a new wallet into our system that will have no limits like we have in Payeer at the moment. This will be ready in February and solve the Payout challenges fast.

At the moment we know that some of you still have to be patience but we are working on it. In February we think that we will integrate the new and very exciting solution that will carry us into a successful future. As soon we have the exact date and details, we will update you on that.
Till then our teams do between 1.100 and 1.700 payouts every single day. So even if some Payout ID´s are in the line for a while we can assure you that it will be paid soon.

Updates in Payout and Payoutprocess

The biggest challenge we have is the number of payments. We see that Affiliates request like 2.000 USD by wire transfer every 2 weeks and also 2x 75,- USD on Payeer – a move that just produces work on our side and does not make sense at all.

We limited now everything to 2 payouts per month in total so we can lower the number of transactions. Since we solved almost all challenges in Turkey, we limited Payeer to 300,- USD every 2 Weeks and because we see more and more Affiliates joining in countries where we have a hard time with wire transfer, we increased the Payeer payout outside SEPA to 300,- USD every 2 weeks and we will have a final solution without any limits ready in February.

We don’t want to promise too much but we know that the situation at the moment requests a lot of patience from you – we really work hard on a solution that will cover all countries worldwide without limit and that are in a normal range.


We are a bit delayed with India and Brazil but we are still optimistic that we get both languages including the video ready before the end of the year.
The GMA Team of 63 people from all over the globe wishes you Merry Christmas!

Thank you again for all your time, efforts and patience you gave to GMA.

GMA Team

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