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We are really pleased to inform you about some latest updates in GMA.

As you recognized for sure, the GMA website got slow and we had some bugs during the last days. We appreciate your patience really much and like to inform you that we will have a major software update this weekend. Our software update will start today and we are really confident that there won’t be any large interruptions for our partners and customers.

If some things do not run as expected during the next few days, please just wait a few hours until the update is finished completely. Our expectation is to finish the updates and testing phase this weekend. Also if you Payment-Options and Payout- Options disappear in your member’s area, please be sure that this is only a temporary issue during the software update and everything will run as you will expect it afterwards.

Update for Turkey

The market in Turkey is growing very fast and we are really happy that we accepted those new challenges during the last couple of weeks. Now we are working heavily to solve all the banking issues and will raise the maximum amount for Payeer-Payout to 500,00 USD every 14 days.

So we hope to lower the number of single wire transactions and to provide you a faster and better service in that case. Also Payeer transactions will be processed within 72 hours to offer our partners a faster payout service.

IMPORTANT: this is only for Turkey and only for Payeer Payout. Wiretransfer as a Payout Option has no Limit as you are used to it!

Furthermore, we also hired a new Support Team for the Turkish market. The Support Team will start working next week and will provide our partners and customers the best available service. Please be sure we are really working very hard to meet all your expectations.

Also please be prepared for more interesting and important GMA updates that will follow soon!

GMA Team

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