Getmyads – News and Update about payments for January and February 2017


We wish you a happy new year fulfilled with health, wealth and happiness. Let ́s make 2017 together to our best year ever!
We have some great news today to share with our affiliates – with you!

Of course, it’s not a secret that we currently have to face some challenges with the huge number of payments that have to be processed every day at the moment. For example, we had to process over 40.000 payouts to our Affiliates from all over the world between February 2016 and November 2016. Only in December 2016 we had more than 45.000 payments to handle.

This means that we had more payouts to process in one single month than the whole year before. Unfortunately some banks refused to take payments from our payment processor and so we had much more work than expected. This happened for example in countries like Turkey, Austria and Germany. We really want to apologize for these issues.

Our great news: We have been working during the past weeks to solve this problem. Especially for Turkey we are very proud to tell you that the mass-payments are working well and a few thousand payments will be processed during the next days.

The best news for our affiliates all around the World

We are very proud to tell you that we’ve found the right partner for our new wallet solution for payouts and will start during the first weeks of February 2017.
Now we would like to explain how the wallet solution works.

Our goal is to process all affiliate commissions through the new wallet system which will include a credit card (MasterCard) that will work all around the world in multiple currencies.

How will the new wallet system work?

For sure, you can imagine that it will be a very big operation to walk into a bank with about 50.000 people who want to open a new bank account at the same time. So we will introduce the new wallet system step by step in one country after an other so that it will be easier for you and the new Bank

to sign up, open your new account, verify the account and start receiving your payouts instantly.

Once your wallet account is verified, we can start to process your commissions to your new wallet. In the beginning or course the bank requires some payout limits – so we will only be able to process amounts up to 1.000,00 or 2.000,00 USD per account and can increase the limit after some weeks. Very important is the fact that about 80% of all payouts are below these limits – so we hope to be able to make almost everybody happy and satisfied with this new wallet solution.

The new wallet system will also be comparable with existing wallet systems like PAYEER or ADVcash but without any kind of expensive fees and limits.

This will only be able because we have a direct partnership with the owner of the bank so that there won’t be any issues anymore. You might have recognized that ADVcash is inactive at the moment.
They have blocked the account without any reason for 10 days and we just can’t trust them anymore. With the new wallet solution we of course won’t have that kind of problems anymore.

During January 2017 we will process as many old payment requests of our affiliates as possible. Many of you will receive commissions and we really appreciate your patience with us!

News about media buying

We don’t talk that often about our main business – which is advertising products. That’s the part where we make the big turnover and profits. Currently we are running very successful campaigns in 4 different markets that are pulling a lot of resources for further campaigns. At the moment there are more than 28 million USD in active campaigns and the volume is growing very fast because we were able to hire an additional team of professional media buyers in the Asian market.


You will find the first links for Hindi (India) and Portuguese (Brazil) already in your back office and we are currently working to finish all the translations. In the meantime you will be able to start using those two languages for campaigns and for finding new customers and affiliates for your personal team.

Numbers of December 2016

December was a really great month for the GMA community. More than 36.000 new members from more then 70 countries joined our network. In total there were more than 825.000 Tokens sold to our customers who received about 160.000.000 clicks to their websites and for their campaigns.

GetMyAds grew from 200.000 USD turnover in 2015 to a 170.000.000,00 USD company by the end of 2016. With this numbers, GetMyAds is one oft he fastest growing StartUp Companies of the year worldwide. We really appreciate your work with GMA and hope to have a great future together in 2017.

We are really looking forward to extending our network together and create one of the best affiliate marketing companies all over the world!

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