Getmyads News Update – 2017- Payouts (CFO Interview), Premium Program and Expansion


In 2016, GetMyAds was one of the fast-growing PayBack systems in Germany. In the shadow of various other systems, GetMyAds moved past the competition in record time. According to the last newsletter, the company expanded from $ 200,000 to $ 170 million in sales in a year. Incredible challenges were and must be met in 2016, the small “media buying” companies were asked for services from a small bank. This article is about the perspective for 2017. We have conducted a small interview on the disbursements with the CFO, which we are publishing here as well.


The expansion of GetMyAds is in full swing, the new countries India, Brazil and especially Africa are currently expanding enormously according to our sources. A team of “Media Buyers” (Online Marketing Dealer) was successfully established for the Asian market. A small but exciting information in this context: The company already works internationally internally with BitCoin (BTC). The approach of the company to the cryptic currency BitCoin as inputs and disbursements is expected by many partners longingly. Perhaps there is already an outlook in the future. The capacity of the company’s wallet is, however, currently dependent on the exchange rate and the success of different media campaigns. In Turkey, the growth of GetMyAds is also unbroken, it seems as if the success court in 2017 continues in Turkey. The first tokens will be phased out in January 2018.

New Contests (Contest)

As announced by the company in the last newsletter, there will again be some exciting competitions with high-quality prices in 2017. Many partners are looking for new prizes, so far a Rolex has been praised for the first place. According to our sources, internal discussions about alternative prices are discussed. Unfortunately an agreement or a good idea is not yet available. If you have a suggestion, please write it to us in our comments under this article. We forward this article including comments to GMA.

Premium Partner Program (PPP)

Unfortunately, there is no news on the topic of premium programming. It is still possible to book campaigns with premium tokens, when a payout is made here and whether the program is continued in the stars. The expansion, disbursements and various problems with hackers and banks have kept the company from developing this area for months. Other topics had simply higher priority was the network marketing magazine.

Payouts in general

In the last few days paybacks have returned to the rest. Nevertheless, there are still partners who have been waiting for their disbursements since the beginning of November. Reasons for the delayed payout are many, but one of the main reasons were problems with the bank. Such an amount of international banking transactions and these very high sums of money were probably more problematic than initially thought. As announced in the newsletter, the company is working with a new supplier from February onwards. This new provider probably has a banking license and thus has more powers on the international financial market for the required amount of money transfers. Basically you can imagine it as a virtual wallet. You will be able to move your money from GetMyAds (at the beginning a maximum of 2000 $) to its virtual account at the provider and then withdraw from there. As far as known, the offerer then also offer their own credit card. Thus, affiliates can also get their money via credit card.

Interview with the CFO

Although the company is very open in the newsletter and through its top leaders in terms of payouts, there are still many partners who are currently announcing their displeasure in the social media. A topic is the payout sequence. Many members argue with the payout ID which is displayed in the backoffice. Members who have received the payout with the ID 40.XXX assigned to the example and still have to wait for their payout will feel bypassed when other members share paid bookings with higher IDs in social media.

So how is it that IDs with higher IDs are paid before lower numbers?

Many support staff work there. So that none comes together, each support employee gets different transfer lists.


Support staff 1 gets referrals 20000-25000
Support worker 2 gets referrals 25001-30000
Support staff 3 gets referrals 30001-35000
Support staff 4 gets referrals 35001-40000

The one with the numbers was an example but so it is done.
Understand, there are in Germany many partners who have been waiting for disbursements since the beginning of November, what can be said to these partners?

Due to the high number of inquiries and the steadily increasing number of members, a payout takes more than a month.

But it will surely come soon. Do not worry 

Soon we will also get another payment provider, who will pay more for us :-). Over Christmas it went on and over, since + 600% your money before Christmas have applied for.

Now the payout requests have been greatly reduced and we are soon back on a normal path.
Is it just waiting for the withdrawals in Germany until the offerer arrives or is currently being paid out?

It is strongly paid every day.
Grade today went nearly 2000 transfers out.


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