IMPORTANT: All tokens must activate them by going to My Tokens and Activate Traffic, unless you have a website enter your ref to Getmyads link. Once you click on activate traffic choose for example, 200 clicks, enter your link, select the category, language, and then green button Validate. Who not do this tokens will be disabled.

The Internet is most definitely one of the greatest innovations that man has ever come up with. Not only does it afford people the opportunity to find information about just about anything they want to know about, but it has given people the ability to buy whatever they would like, and to communicate with and make friends with people from all over the world. It is the ultimate playground, if you get down to it, where you can find just about anything you would want.

Another thing that the Internet has done is give the average person a place to have their voice heard. While there are literally thousands of websites about virtually every subject under the sun, that does not mean that a person cannot write about something that they feel passionate about and draw a large crowd to view their stories or blogs each day. It happens all the time where a person is able to attract a large audience because of their point of view, and that person has a real opportunity if they are ready to take advantage of it.

Take 10 minutes and watch this video to understand or read our guide and review!

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What is GetMyAds

Now, here is how GetMyAds is much different than most sites. They are not here to solely find your ad revenue sources. They are in business to help to get traffic to your website as well. This will help turn your 50 visitors a day into thousands in no time. If you are a company that sells products this will really help to make a winner for you. If you are a site that needs money from ad revenues, then having more visitors will only improve your presence and make you have a much greater chance at success.

Where GetMyAds is different from most affiliate programs you may become involved in, is that they not only provide you with additional users, but also give you additional ad revenue sources where you can make money. In this way you get a larger audience and you get ads. It is a win-win for you in so many ways.

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The Five Programs of GetMyAds

There are five separate ways by which you can earn money. The first of these is the Payback Program. In this program every customer has a stake in making the company succeed. This is one of the innovations of the Payback Program.

In this program tokens are purchased. Each token is equivalent to $50 of internal currency within the GMA system. This allows customers to make purchases that will generate traffic to their site. Every time a token is purchased this allows the customer to get into the 600-day Payback Program. For every $50 that is purchased, 20 of that goes back into the Payback pool. This is then distributed to customers based upon their participation in the program. This allows you to purchase new tokens which can be used to generate even more traffic, which will continually increase the popularity of your website while also giving you additional sources of income. It is an incredible positive cycle.

The next source of revenue is the Loyalty Bonus. This is given to customers who acquire token intervals of 500, 750 and 1,000 advertising tokens. This bonus is paid out monthly and is based upon the total number of tokens that are purchased from the previous month. This allows customers to earn money without doing anything more than buying advertising tokens to help their own website.

The Affiliate Program allows you to make money by earning commissions based upon the number of referrals you generate as well as the total number of tokens that are purchased by those you being into the network as customers. For every token that is purchased you receive a 12 percent commission, which works out to $6. As long as you are an active customer you will receive this income every time a referral customer makes a purchase.

The Sub-Affiliate Program is the fourth option on how you can earn money. Here you earn money off of the referrals that your referrals make. What this means is that if you get Joe Smith to join as a customer, every time he makes a token purchase you get $6. If Joe brings in Mary as his referral customer, then you get $6 every time that Mary makes a token purchase. This allows you to benefit not only off of your own referrals, but off of those that come as a referral from those you referred. It is a great way to earn money when you did nothing more than stay active. You are benefitting from the GetMyAds sign up (and register) clients that you get and from theirs. You have to like that.

The last pay stream you can take advantage of is the Mentor Bonus. This is paid to all affiliates who are working with their team of referrals to make them even better. This is paid out to the customers that have continual purchases of tokens within their network as well as for those that are adding referral customers. This is a flexible bonus which gets larger as the numbers of tokens gets larger. An example of how this bonus would work would be this. If you had 10 customers in your network that made 10 purchases of tokens, you would get a bonus of $600. You can either apply this to your own token purchase, or have it deposited into your bank. When that number is increased by 10 times, so is your bonus, meaning the value you will receive is $6,000!

The purpose of this bonus is to get people to stay active within their own network. If you keep customers active you will greatly benefit from that, and this becomes a winner for everyone within your network group.

What Can I Do to Get Started?

If this sounds like a great idea to you, then you are not the only one. Many people are joining this network daily and finding the benefits are everything that they envisioned.

You can sign up today and get the GetMyAds guide that will show you exactly what you need to do to make your website an even greater success. You will learn how to better promote the site and also how to start building a network that can make you even more profitable.

getmyads sign up for free

With the GetMyAds information in your hands you will be on your way so that you can find and search sponsor sites that will help you to generate more traffic to your site and find others that may be interested in making this program a winner for them as well. It is a great way to take your site to the next level and turn your passion into something that can truly make you money.

The GetMyAds program is one of the most innovative on the market, because it provides so many different ways to be able to generate money for your site. Many affiliate programs don’t go the extra mile. Here at GMA they not only help you to generate a lot more traffic to your site, but also show you ways to turn that traffic into real money. As you grow, you can be sure that more advertisers will want to put their ads on your site, and you will grow into a very lucrative site.

This may sound too good to be true, but what makes this a real winner is that there is no hidden costs or lack of transparency. You will see all that is going on and have updated reports that will let you know the finances whenever you want. This is just one of the many good reasons why you want to give this a more serious look.

Watch the Video and Sign Up!

getmyads video tutorial english

Proofs of gain with Getmyads , here what happened after only 10 days!!!

risultati guadagni getmyads dopo 10 giorni 2

…after 3 weeks!!!

prove guadani getmyads dopo 3 settimane

Proofs of withdraw in 24 hours with payeer

getmyads proofs of payments withdraw

other payments proof

pagamento 9 giugno

 Finally a good withdraw with wire transfer of 525 € requested on 13/06 and received on 16/06

getmyads prova pagamento bonifico 600 dollari


getmyads review guide info

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