How to evaluate a website to buy and sell for example on Flippa

When you are buying a website for example on Flippa is very important to consider some important steps if you are new on websites trade.

Anyway this is our personal opinion and review on how to evaluate, stimate when your are buying a website for your new investment.

Yes buying websites could be a good investment.

Budget and websites value

When you are buying a website you must have in mind your maximum budget. A website worth depend mainly from traffic (monthly unique visits and pageviews ); annual or month income; website age. These are main points to give a value to a website.

In general the right price for a website is 20 times the monthly average income. For example is the monthly average income of the website is 200 $, the right price to buy the website could be 200 $ x 20 = 4000 $

Anyway depend also from the seller and from the website age, but this is the most common way to calculate a website price.


Traffic is the most important feature, because more traffic the website has, more income can be generated from the website.

There are more kind of traffic that a website can receive:

  • Organic Search
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Social
  • Paid Search


Organic search is traffic to the website that come naturally from search engines like Google

In our opinion, when you are buying a website, the best and most safe traffic font, is Organic Search! Because means that the website is well indicizated for example on Google, so not need to advertise it paying for ads etc. To keep the website good ranked on google, the best way after your purchase is to update your website with new articles.

So when you are buying a website for us is really important that most traffic come from organic search.

As you can see on picture above, on Flippa auction you can see google analytics verified datas and see from where traffic come from. Check also the picture below. These datas are 100% verified by google analytics and Flippa.

Above you can see unique and page views statistics, 100% verified from google analytics.

Below other statistics verified by google analytics on Flippa’s auctions, like average time visitors spend on the website etc.

below 100% certified google analytics datas about different traffic source and countries:


Direct traffic means that the website is already know, so some people go to website directly because they remember the website name.


Referral traffic is when other websites link this website.


Social traffic is when people go into the website from social channel like facebook, twitter, google+ etc.


paid search is when the website is advertised for example with google adwords, so the websites get traffic from paid traffic.


For us the best traffic source is Organic Search, so is suggested to buy websites that have most % of traffic from organic search.

Website Age

Website age is also an other data that on Flippa is verified as on picture below:

You can see the age of website (1 year) on green. Datas on Flippa are verified only when are on green color. For sure is best buy an established website with at least 1 year, or better 2-4-5 years old.

Also you can see the platform used, in this case WordPress. So when you are buying a website is important that you are able to use and manage the platform used on the website.

Monthly Income

Monthly income is absolute important if you are buying a website like investment to have monthly income. The monthly income certainly determines the value of website.

On Flippa you can have the income 100% certified only when the website earns from Google Adsense as on example below:

Green color means always verified data

On the example above, on green the last 3 months average of monthly income with google adsense is $ 441.

If the website is monetized with other methods, like affiliate program, if the website earn because is an ecommerce etc, on flippa there are not verified datas, but just attached proofs from the seller, so be carefull because these proofs are not 100% verified from Flippa.

Anyway if the website is not monetized with google adsense, so the income cannot be verified by Flippa, if the website has a lot of organic search, for sure the website will has good monthly income.

Is it safe buy and sell websites on Flippa?

Yes because when you buy for example you will pay or with paypal o Flippa Escrow.

Paypal is a safe way to pay you know but Flippa Escrow is more safe and we suggest to use it.


The escrow service is when in the case you are the buyer; you will transfer money with bank transfer to Flippa that will hold your money until the seller not transfered well the website to you. When the seller transfered the website to you and everything is ok, Flippa will release the money to the seller.

So Flippa Escrow is a third part that ensure 100% safe on transactions from buyer to seller.

Other considerations

When you are buying a website you must have a budget in mind, the kind of website you want buy (ecommerce, content website, Blog etc), the platform used for example WordPress, Joomla etc.

On Flippa, only green datas are 100% verified

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