Microsoft meets Ethereum. Here’s how the blockchain will dominate the world


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Sometimes there are so macroscopic and clamorous events that it becomes easy to become “prophets” and foresee that they will leave the mark for many years to come.

However, if these events happen far from the media spotlight, few will realize it.

Today, for example, there is an unprecedented technological, social and economic revolution, but the only echo that comes out of the media is some article with little information dating back a year ago. Certainly this does not help to perceive the importance of the moment we are in it.

We on Stock Marks have already written several articles on this ongoing revolution (just scroll through our blog to find them). But I’m not sure we really managed to give the exact scope of the phenomenon.

Today, therefore, I write this article for only one reason: to give the exact perception of the scope of the phenomenon.

To do this, I will list all the latest projects that will change our way of thinking about money, economy, and daily life thanks to a single technology: the blockchain, backed by a single digital currency: Ethereum (the most popular currency after bitcoin).

I’m sure that after reading this simple list there will be no doubt that:

Blockchain affirmation is irreversible and digital currencies will soon be adopted by everyone

Let’s start:

Microsoft and Ethereum form Ethereum Private Consortium
In this project, Microsoft provides businesses with the structure needed to create new blockchains with simplicity so far unthinkable.

You have to know that today there are only two main blockchains: that of bitcoin and that of ethereum.

Creating new blockchains from scratch would be costly and complicated. So all the other blockchains that are born every day are actually only variants of the two existing ones today.

So far, any company that wanted to create a blockchain had to do it alone with its own means and then had to ask for permissions to the main blockchains.

Thanks to the Ethereum Private Consortium, it is now enough to use Microsoft’s cloud (ie, its computer and server structure) to have a new, beautiful, ready-made blockchain attached to that of Ethereum.

Remember how difficult it was to look for information before the computers came into existence? How many journeys did you need to collect articles in the various libraries in the world? How many years did they want to collect all the articles in a final essay? Since there are computers, you can have information in a few hours from all the libraries in the world without moving from your chair.

Here, the revolution designed by Microsoft is of the same tenet.

From now on, any company, even without having a technology department capable of creating a blockchain, can become a blockchain just by buying it from Microsoft.

This means that blockchain, as a tool for a few, can become a normal consumer product, just like the cloud services already available to any company.

As you could imagine, some 30 companies have joined the consortium, including:

Bank of Japan
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Credit Suisse
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Royal Bank of Scotland
Bank TD
Royal Bank of Canada
And if you do not like Microsoft, you can go to IBM …
IBM is also collecting orders from companies that are unable to get a blockchain from the sun.


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It has not created a fast and almost supermarket-like system like Microsoft, but it is devoting to large-scale projects that require more implementation time.

IBM already has 300 ongoing projects with, among others, a group of Tahilandese banks, Wal-Mart and Everledger.

Fiserv, pure power …
What is Fiserv and why is it one of the most powerful companies in the world?

Those of the Sun 24 Hours know it, but they look good from making us an article for you …

Fiserv is nothing but the company that has created almost all the hardware structures used by banks for their digital operations.

About 13,000 banks in 80 countries are Fiserv customers.

When your bank makes a wire transfer, or pays your bills or makes budget tracking or risk management, you are probably using Fiserv computers.

Fiserv was present when the Federal Reserve, along with executives from another 100 financial institutions (including the World Bank and the IMF), made a simulation of FedCoin or BitDollar, that is, they simulated the creation of a digital dollar billed with a blockchain.

Once central banks want to put into practice the simulation and actually shift their currencies into the blockchain, Fiserv has proven to already have the structure needed to hook up the newly created blockchain to the system of its 13,000 banks spread across the globe.

If you still think that you adopt a digital currency globally

The largest US banks and financial institutions are investing billions to adopt blockchains. Including Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Visa, Nasdaq, Fidelity Investments and American Express, Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Globally, over 80% of banks around the world are investing in blockchains, including Barclays, Santander, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, China UnionPay, and so on.

The Central Bank of Sweden (the oldest central bank in the world) has announced that it is considering creating a blockchain-based e-crown within the next two years.

Goldman Sachs predicts that his blockchain could save investors up to $ 12 billion each year.

The shares of, a famous American company, can already be bought on a blockchain.

Also, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, the company that registers and manages every single commercial transaction in America, is about to upgrade its systems by installing them into a blockchain.

Blockchain will also change our way of buying and selling homes.

Officials in the Netherlands are working with Deloitte consulting companies to develop the first real estate blockchain and Sweden is about to begin using blockchain technology to register real estate titles.

Also in the United States, a similar system is being studied, which will save up to 4 billion a year to owners, as they no longer need notary fees, etc.

The blockchain will soon replace US public registers, driving licenses, passports, birth and marriage records, making them infinitely safer.

Bruce Broussard, President and CEO of Humana, one of America’s largest health insurance companies, predicts that blockchain will be the next major healthcare innovation.

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration is already studying ways to create a clinical folder blockchain.

The blockchain will also transform the US electrical industry through a “smart grid” … where anyone with a high-power solar panel or battery can sell excess electricity inside a blockchain.

The SEC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the IRS, the US Department of Commerce, and the US Department of Energy are developing blockchain adoption projects tailored to their needs.

States such as Georgia (HB 811), North Carolina (HB 289), New Hampshire (HB 356), have issued resolutions for the adoption of blockchain in the public sector.

The Delaware Governor, Jack Markell, recently released the “Delaware Blockchain Initiative” to promote this technology.

The United States Congress has just approved a historic resolution (H.R. 835) to accelerate national development and the adoption of blockchains.

The US Currency Controller’s Office has announced plans to open three new offices in Washington, New York and San Francisco with leading blockchain executives.

Is it enough or should I continue?

As you can see, as soon as you have the chance to look beyond the silent wall of the official media, the world is very different from what you imagined.

The blockchain is no longer a technique confined to the nerd and some unkempt genius of the computer.

All the institutions and companies that count are silently entering this new system, but they will only let you know what they are doing!

There is no way that this process will suddenly stop and everything will remain as before …

Even if the media do not tell you, blockchain will dominate the world and digital currencies will be the fuel of this new system.

What are the consequences? We have already explained it in our previous articles (for example, this and the other).

Here, however, I want to go more specifically.

Now many stock market readers have subscribed to our dedicated digital currency service and know far more than 80% of people.

They know, among other things, that Ethereum, the most advanced of these new currencies, is also the one behind many of the projects I’ve listed in this article.

The Ethereum blockchain is the most suitable for use in the most diverse uses. That is why it is the most sought-after by the most important institutions and companies in the world.

Many hardly know Bitcoin, the most “old” digital currency, and do not suspect anything of Ethereum and its strength.

But even if Ethereum became much more familiar now, most people would not know how to use this information …

Our subscribers, however, already know how to use Ethereum’s ascent to the top of the economy in their favor.

And the same goes for all the other major digital currencies and the technological and economic projects behind it.

Here’s what it’s like to be aware of this important epochal change and to get the best out of it, exploiting its endless resources.

And that’s why Blockchain Letter is so important, our digital currency service …

Only with Blockchain Letter knows that it’s time to invest in Ethereum (as I write, it has already doubled its value) and you know what tools you can do.

But that’s not enough.

Currently, Blockchain Letter has 6 critical audiences in its portfolio and allows its subscribers to create an integrated investment strategy using the exclusive information we can provide on the various currencies and blockchain projects behind them.

Looking at it from a broader point of view, we can say that our subscribers are not just making good investments.

They are practically learning how to tackle and overcome the world of blockchains, long before the mass (maybe traumatic) will be aware of being there.

They are learning the most exclusive information in this world, as they are experts in the field.

And they are learning to use this information to increase their standard of living.

By the time the blockchains will be public domain and the top institutions, governments and multinational companies will have adopted it, our subscribers will already know what to do. Because they already live in this world and are already able to draw all the possible benefits.

Unfortunately, for the majority of people, the advent of blockchains will not be so enjoyable.

Many will not even know how to use the new blockchain-based tools, let alone if they have the right information to earn …!

It’s always the usual story …

Culture, education and information always make a difference in life.

Do you want to be illiterate about the blockchain? Well, but then do not be surprised if you’re among the losers of this new era.

And do not say I did not warn you …!

The global blockchain domain is already here, and only with Blockchain Letter can you be part of it today, achieving a huge competitive advantage over the mass of people from all points of view: economic, social and cultural.

An advantage that will become more and more evident over time, as long as you find yourself among the few to be able to protect your personal integrity and your living standards while everyone will be trapped in a new system they do not know anything about.


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