Dreaming about not having to worry for your monthly income? Are you stressed at your current job and wish to find alternative ways to gain profit without working 24/7? Although it may sound complicated or illegal at first, we assure you it is not. There are numerous affiliate program companies offering up to several thousands of dollars per day for all those who want to join their network and share their website content with others. One of these companies is MyAdSino, a reputed one in the branch which has helped numerous people so far acquire more than decent monthly revenues without any effort.

Internet advertorials can help you gain more than you think about if you know how to implement your knowledge in the most profitable online domains and areas of business.



What is MyAdSino?

MyAdSino represents one of the many companies claiming to offer you monthly revenues through a system based on advertising. Basically, the company engages, for a certain fee you pay, to help you raise traffic on your own platform – website, personal blog or online shop and make you earn money through paid ads. Basically, the more people you will have visiting your website, the more likely it is for them to click on the ads placed on your domain and, thus, help you win some cash. But Myadsino combine advertising with Casino, Poker and Sport Bet!

MyAdSino has been in the business ever since 2010 and strictly focuses on website domains which are extremely profitable – online betting, sports and online games. With an annual revenue market of over $35 billion through Internet, it comes as no surprise that the online market has become one of the most profitable and future-oriented businesses in the field. Nowadays you can use the Internet for pretty much everything you might think of – from shopping for groceries to chatting with friends across the globe, pay bills, pay for vacations, watch movies or sitcoms and even bet or play poker.

MyAdSino simply focuses on the latter industries which are extremely popular and in demand all over the world. And, by placing ads on large online platforms which offer leisure activities and gambling to their clients, will easily receive money back.

MyAdSino is the first platform combining two different marketing domains, offering its clients the possibility to benefit on three different levels and from three different markets all at once – publicity, casinos and online sport betting.

The goal of MyAdSino is to become one of the most reputed online gaming players in the world, placing its name next to giants like bwin or bet365. And the best thing about it? You can benefit from it too!

AdSino offers a wide variety of modern casino games, innovative software and client-based interfaces in order to help all people enjoy the best of their time and their money here.

Large online gaming and betting companies are used to pay big money to their affiliated for advertorial campaigns in order to attract new clients. The reason is that new clients are always more willing to spend larger amounts of money to place their bets online or to simply play some poker or roulette. This is why large online gaming and betting companies are constantly trying to draw new customers through enchanting opportunities at first, special rates at memberships and a lot of benefits – so that new clients feel attracted and end up spending their cash.

What are the main benefits of joining the AdSino Company?

Many large gaming and betting companies only focus on alluring new clients but do not take good care of the ones who already joined their networks and spend money on their platforms. MyAdSino is different as it offers multiple benefits both for new joiners and for regular clients. On average, people tend to try up to 12 different betting and online gaming platforms before sticking to one which will benefit them the most. However, by joining the AdSino network as soon as possible you will not only stick to this particular company, but will also have the possibility to multiply your value as a customer with up to 600%. The cash back service is what keeps the AdSino customers stick true to this website and never want to try another online similar platform.

The cash back service is implemented with the help of StarCoin, a virtual currency evaluated at 50 EUR and which can be converted into different promotional products or advertorials that can further help your own business grow. However, this doesn’t mean that partners who do not have their own website or blog cannot benefit from the wonders of MyAdSino. On the contrary, they will also make good money by simply promoting the MyAdSino platform in any other possible way, receiving affiliate commissions, similar as if they would promote third party products as affiliates.

MyAdSino members have the possibility to buy promotional content or advertisings and sell them in order to increase the traffic on the main website and receive constant revenues for doing so. The MyAdSino members can earn anywhere between 1 and over 20,000 StarCoins, depending on how big of clients they are and their interest into making this business grow and develop successfully.

But in order to achieve that, you would also require a high performance traffic network to avoid website crashes and allow all clients and customers to benefit from this revolutionary idea. Luckily, MyAdSino offers high traffic rates for over 125 traffic networks worldwide, meaning that no matter where you are situated or no matter where your company resides, you will always have the possibility of making money through advertising campaigns and buying publicity.

Basically, if you want to be successful in this business and earn substantial revenues, you will have to buy, as a client, good publicity. Good publicity implies more trust and traffic to the MyAdSino network which you will also benefit in the end.

Focusing mainly on the sports and gaming industry, MyAdSino will usually receive more traffic during large sports competitions across the globe. For instance, on a regular World or European Football Championship, the more bets MyAdSino gains on its platform, the easier it will be for the mother company to save the money prior invested and share it with its clients and business partners in shape of commissions raging between 0,5% and 1,26%.

A StarCoin has a life expectancy of 500 days meaning you can purchase various promotional materials or adverts during these 500 days which will later be transformed in knowledge you could implement on your own website or platform in order to gain more money. There are plenty of benefits for using the StarCoin, including transparency and a simple method which is worldwide recognized. All the bonuses you receive by redeeming your StarCoins at the end of these 500 days can be further used for increasing the life expectancy of your future StarCoins, earning more bonuses or simply placing bets or gambling on the AdSino online platform. Either way, customers and clients will be rewarded – whether you want your money back or invest some of your earnings into even more successful and powerful publicity campaigns.

The main advantage of the MyAdSino platform is that you can easily earn passive incomes without stressing too much about it. Depending on how much you are willing to invest in the first place, you can use all your profits and bonuses and buy even more powerful publicity which will further gain you larger amounts of passive incomes. In other words, if you are smart enough to know how the principle works, you can gain large amounts of money by doing virtually nothing.

What are the costs of joining this program?

Most cash back and pay per click companies rely on large subscription sums from their clients to fuel their own management and advertising costs. You will see from the start that MyAdSino is completely different and transparent. As a joining client, everything you will receive is for free. This means no subscription costs, no registration costs, no acquisition engagements, and no strings attached to what you can or cannot do in order to receive your paycheck at the end of the month. There are no hidden taxes and no schemes involved here – simply rely on your trust and on your own team. And, obviously, the more dedicated your team is, the more bonuses you will receive. Invest as much as you want and you will receive the same amount returned, one way or another.

How does the team work go?

Team working is a very reliable concept at MyAdSino as it could help you gain bigger revenues, as previously suggested. Create your own team of partners and friends and share your network with everyone else – the more visible your network is, the more traffic the mother company will receive and will be able to reward you with bonuses. In addition, if one of your team members adds another member to the ever expanding team, he or she will automatically receive a 8% commission, meaning 4 EUR for each StarCoin sold. The goal is to keep expanding your team and receive benefits and commissions whenever your team is developing. Plus, if one of your team members is doing a good job, you and everyone else on the team will automatically benefit from it too.

Don’t forget about the Cash back system previously detailed. As your team members will purchase new StarCoins, the revenues of the mother company will automatically grow, thus MyAdSino will afford to reward its trustworthy clients with bonuses. Determine new comers in your team to join the system and for every StarCoin they purchase, you will receive a fee and a commission. Keep the network growing and enjoy unlimited revenues in the comfort of your own home, doing little to nothing.

Redundant to say that the stronger your network is, the bigger benefits you will receive from MyAdSino in form of bonuses, cash back services and other special offers.

Your team goal is to achieve 2000 StarCoins, at which level revenues will grow for all the team members and will ensure a long term and ever growing profit. The key is to invest in StarCoins as advertising agencies are constantly looking to buy more publicity and advertorials, meaning you will receive higher commissions on a regular level. Convince advertising companies to invest in MyAdSino platform and everyone will be beneficial. For once, the mother company which will receive trust and be able to expand, meaning it will be able to further invest in more high-end technologies and infrastructure to benefit all clients. Secondly, you as a partner will receive regular earnings and will be part of the MyAdSino family. This means you will constantly receive commissions and special discounts and other benefits for all your purchases within the system. Thirdly, the advertising companies will win too as they will be able to place their advertorials on a high-end platform with thousands of users and potential new customers daily.

What is there more to say?

Last but not least, MyAdSino will forever respect and cherish its customers, offering additional bonuses, including the well-known lifestyle bonus. This means that depending on your career level within the company, you will receive additional bonuses, discounts and special prizes just for you – it can be anything between pens and luxury cars. This will further motivate you to reach all milestones within the MyAdSino family and strive for your team to be as successful as possible. Don’t forget that there are also plenty of additional things to do inside the platform, including gambling or betting which could always add more revenues in your bank accounts, depending on your luck and skills.


MyAdsino is not a Ponzi Scheme. With no hidden taxes and no monthly required deposits or subscriptions, this is a safe net for all people who want to forget about the struggle of tomorrow and earn higher incomes in a relatively short amount of time. join the network today and you will not only get a trustworthy betting and gaming platform, but also a trustworthy business partner which can help you make it on your own.