Negotiates Bitcoin – Trends expected, the right time with Brexit and Halving

Already knew that 2016 was the right year to Negotiate with Bitcoin CFD Trading Forex. The Bitcoin fact this year have had a significant increase in value, just think that just a month ago the value of a Bitcoin hovered at around $ 530, while today (27/06/2016) worth $ 620! What’s more the ‘Brexit effect, ie the referendum on Europe by England output it did even increase the value of Bitcoin, as are the value of gold, and clearly the pound has fallen dramatically . So Bitcoin, Gold and sterling are now three signals on which it is worth to bet. But let’s understand why following the most affordable are the Bitcoin to be negotiated as they now are influenced not only by Brexit but also Halving.

Because 2016 is the unprecedented year for the Bitcoin?

In July, it is expected next halving, or that will halve the rewards for those who first coined (mining) Bitcoin and allowed to disclose the Bitcoin in the world, to avoid that inflation will reduce the value of this cryptocurrency. That’s why the halving added to Brexit phenomenon could take off Bitcoin up to overtake the value of $ 1,000 reached in 2013, and have them take off at a value of $ 3500 for next summer as claimed by Bobby Lee, CEO of BTCC or even those who argue like Daniel Masters, director of Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund, which can reach more than $ 4,000 by 2017 !!!

The Bitcoin we remind you that they have a number of coins minted limited to a maximum of 21 million since 2008 were coined 75% of available Bitcoin, this now means that new coinages decrease but demand is increasing due to the spread of payments Bitcoin.

More people are now looking for the Bitcoin which become more difficult to obtain and its value increases!

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