South Korea wants to regulate Bitcoin

With polemics involving criptomoedas, such as Bitcoin, some countries are moving to legalize and regulate the electronic transactions involving this type of money.

Japan, as we have mentioned in previous posts, was one of the first to address this issue. Now, even in Asia, it is South Korea’s turn to move the “chopsticks” to regulation.

According to the report of Rep. Park Yong-Jin, legislator and member of the Democratic Party of the country, there are three revisions to regulate the digital currencies.

The first point will be in the current legislation on online financial transactions, which would include crypto-coins, making those involved in an encrypted purchase under the control of the country’s government.

Two other topics presented in the text refer to tax issues and currency evasion, as authorities believe that such currency facilitates the evasion of South Korean currencies.

This year, the Asian country was among the largest markets in Bitcoins. According to data, the South Korean market reached almost 8.5% of the world’s traded currencies over a 24-hour period with an average selling price of US $ 150.

You may be surprised at the value traded, but it is worth remembering that even with the Bitcoin unit reaching $ 2,500, it is possible to buy pieces of the coin.

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