The four stages of forming a working group

Building a good working group makes a difference when it comes to producing and creating new ideas for day-to-day problems. On the other hand, this task is not always the easiest, causing many to give up even before the group consolidates.

To further clarify the formation of a team and show that conflicts are present at all times, we are bringing the four stages of development of a group.

The first is the “Training”. At the moment, there is a certain uncertainty, because the hierarchical structure of the team is not yet understood. In addition, the components are recognizing the terrain, trying to understand which behaviors are accepted. This phase ends when members feel part of the group.

Then comes the stage of “Storm”. Now the conflicts between people begin. Although they accept the existence of this group, there is still much discussion about who the leader is. This period ends when the hierarchical order is set.

The third phase of “Normatization” is when members know each other, one knows that one has to support the other, has common expectations, and at this point, the behaviors considered correct are clear to all.

In the fourth stage, we have the period of “Performance”, in which the structure is highly functional and all the energy is geared towards the accomplishment of the tasks. For long-term working groups, this is considered the last stage of team building.

But when a temporary team is formed to perform a specific task for a fixed time, there is a final phase, called “Interruption”. In it, high performance is no longer the priority and the focus goes to finalizing the activities. Some are optimistic about achievements, others are down with friendships and camaraderie.

To form a working group is not easy, it is necessary to have organization and commitment of all those involved. In addition, giving time for the solidification and harmony of the members is essential to advance this concept.

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