Walkybit new Centurion App – Scam or real opportunity

Hello to everyone, welcome to the section dedicated to network marketing, reviews on new online business! Today we are talking about this news, that is, Walkybit  app that makes you earn the Centurion crypto and try to figure out whether it can be scam or a real opportunity!

As mentioned above, Walkybit is a phone application that essentially as you walk, makes you get CNT Future, the new version of the Centurion crypto. So you can walk or run thanks to this app, plus you will get Centurion coins! These days in fact on facebook, walkbit has become very popular in the circuit of people interested in network marketing and earning online.

What is to be understood, is how does this app as you walk “produce” crypto? We all know that to “extract” cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin , you use servers or powerful computers that consume a lot of energy. Walkybit ecologically can be interesting, but how does an app generate coins as you walk? I honestly can not give you the answer.


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