What is Tailuns International and how it works? Scam or real opportunity – Review

What is Tailuns International?
Tailuns International is a Crowdfunding platform where registered partners will receive donations from others registered.
What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is nothing more than a fundraiser, especially via the Internet, through small contributions from a number of groups sharing a common interest or a common project or intending to support an innovative idea.
How does Tailuns work?
With Tailuns you can earn in 2 ways
1) Through the Classical Playground is nothing but a pseudo-matrix with 5 levels of depth (pseudo because it can have infinite ref for each level) with a 5 $ entry, every 5 ref that you do you will be able to make the upgrade to the next level $ 5, $ 20, $ 80, $ 320, $ 1280, you will need to make a $ 5 investment to start
2) Through the Prosperity Tree a binary system with very interesting spillover with closed number (14 people), this is also very useful for people who are unable to do so, in fact, with spillover your sponsor may decide to place its refusal under you so as to complete a branch of its prosperity tree (quite complex to explain, for those interested I will provide video and everything), starting will need $ 10 and as for the matrix you can run updates
What I recommend is to invest $ 15 to be active on both platforms, or to activate with the matrix and with the first 5 refs you will do will automatically activate the Prosperity Tree.
Each time you receive donations from your ref, the money will be immediately deductible.
Take advantage of this time as Tailuns has been active shortly and signing up you will now succeed in occupying a place on top of Prosperity Tree and gaining instant gains.

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  • Tony


    Prosperity Tree is “quite complex to explain, for those interested I will provide video and everything”.
    I don’t understand how it works.
    Please provide me video and explain it to me.

    Thank you!


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