What is x11 mining and which Coins (cryptocurrencies) can be mined


Most people know the algorithm SHA256, that is the algorithm to mining Bitcoin.

Well, x11 is an other algorithm to mining other cryptocurrencies, called x11 because it uses 11 different algorithms that are chained together. The first coin mined by x11 was Dash

x11 using different algorithms increase the security of your cryptocurrencies.

Coins you can mining with x11 algorithm are: Dash, Startcoin, Digitalcoin and Cannabiscoin


How to mining coins with x11 Algorithm

If you are interested on mining coins provided by x11 algorithm, you can start use Genesis Mining where you can mining StartCoin and Dash

If you use Genesis Mining, you can have a DISCOUNT CODE when you are buying hashpower.

DISCOUNT CODE for Genesis Mining:  Xqcy5J



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